Integration with Treasury Direct (B3) via Crystal Broker

25 / 01 / 2019

Cedro Crystal Broker is a solution developed by Cedro focused on order routing (OMS – Order Management System) for multiple markets, including APIs for Treasury Direct via B3 (BM&FBOVESPA). It is a platform (server) whose primary objective is to centralize and manage offers/orders sent to (BM&FBOVESPA), brokers, and other markets, and also runs businesses in Funds, Fixed Income, COE (Brazilian Structured Operations Certificate), and Treasury Direct.

The Crystal Broker solution is in its third generation, with billion orders managed in more than 20 Brazilian financial institutions in the last five years. It considers several modules, and among the major ones, we have order routing, limit control, and operational risk.

The platform provides a broad range of APIs for integration with fronts and proprietary applications. Streamline your project time and use the Crystal Broker platform.

Crystal Broker – A cutting-edge technology solution

The solution, developed in C++, is broadly scalable, manageable, and modular. It allows each Bank/Broker (Sell-Side) or Fund/Client (Buy-side) to set up the solution according to their performance, control, risk, and business objectives. The solution is compatible with Windows and Linux.

Main features

  • Native integration with B3 for Treasury Direct, Shares and Derivatives
  • Total control of orders from the financial institution
  • Routing of orders from Variable Income (Shares), Futures, Fixed Income, Funds, Clubs, Treasury Direct, and others.
  • Integrated to Drop Copy systems
  • Pre-trade and post-trade risk
  • Integrated to Sinacor
  • Management of final users, consultants, and administrators
  • Reports (Financial Statements, Balances, Safekeeping, Brokerage Notes)
  • Reports for consultants (Rankings, Brokerage, Reports for consultants (Rankings, Brokerage, Debtors and Traded)
  • Several risk resources (Upward Spikes, Downward Spikes, Covered Calls)
  • Control by NET and by Financial
  • Leitura de Termo, BTC, Term Settlements, Warranties, Margins
  • Leverage Possibility Sinacor – Sistema Integrado de Administração de Corretoras [Brokers Management Integrated System]

Crystal Broker has native connection, but not obligatory, to the Sinacor system. BM&FBOVESPA provides this system as a leading solution (ERP) to brokers and equities dealers for controlling orders (post-trading), income, treasury, accounts payable, checking accounts, calculation of results, custody, client records, and others.

Through connecting to Sinacor, Crystal Broker has access to important client data, such as Balances, Custody, and Orders.

Crystal Broker is also integrated with several other market solutions such as Senior, Virtual, Britech, Sisfinance, and Sinacor. 

Get to know more about Crystal Broker. Ask for a demonstration of the solution.

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