Crystal Data Feed: solution for Market Data distribution

15 / 10 / 2020

Crystal Data Feed is the solution for market data distribution developed by Cedro Technologies, based on its software “Cristal Diffusor.” The platform allows receiving data from several primary sources in real-time, deferred time, end of day (EOF), and history for end-users through several protocols.

The solution operation is mainly based on data reception, information processing, and revision. The solution is scalable and allows simultaneous data delivery in real-time for hundreds of thousands of users.

The main protocol for data delivery is based on a proprietary Messenger developed by Cedro and named (Cedro Message Protocol). Get to know more about CMP and data in streaming here.

If you’re looking for BM&FBOVESPA signal (market data), currencies, rates, and indexes, read this post on data integration in your applications. But if you need a proprietary solution for distributing Market data via the internet, Crystal Data Feed is the most suitable platform.

Adopting Crystal Feed Data will allow you to optionally consume already integrated primary sources or provide your data sources.

Which primary sources are integrated?

Several primary sources are locally integrated into the solution, such as MM&FBOVESPA, Indexes, Rates, and Currencies.

Which messages are available?

There are hundreds of messages available to quotation submission, order book, accomplished businesses, charts, brokers rank, assets rank, biggest rises/falls, etc.

Can I integrate other data sources?

The platform allows data integration through a TCP/IP interface based on the CMP (Cedro Message Protocol) or via database (PostgreSQL).

Which interfaces are available?

Beyond the CMP protocol (based on TCP/IP), it is possible to use WebSocket data and RESTful services.

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