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14 API financial services available only for Cedro customers

Through Application Programming Interface (APIs), companies can connect with one another by delivering innovative service offerings, allowing third parties to develop solutions around institutions.

In the financial sector, the APIs term was known as Open Banking or simply as Open API. In this sense, we say that an institution (financial or not) is Open API when it allows third-party companies, startups and fintechs to develop new products and services using their APIs.

Based upon this scenario, Cedro Technologies has developed the Anywhere platform, through which financial companies can provide APIs for startups and fintechs to work on. Below, I’ve listed some of the unique services that our customers find through Anywhere.

API financial services for Clients

Stock and Futures Quotes

Integrate quotes, offer books, times & trades and BM&FBOVESPA charts into your applications.

Currency Prices, Rates and Indicators

Integrate your applications with CMP (Cedro Message Protocol), Websocket or RESTful currency information (dollar, euro, pound and others), as well as various rates and indicators.

Quotations of agricultural markets

Integrate agricultural investments and agricultural futures contracts traded on BM&FBOVESPA into your applications.

Broadcast Data

API services that allow you to create a quotation instrument, feed it and broadcast rates via Broadcast. Services based on CMP (Cedro Message Protocol) or RESTful.

Trading and Order Routing BM&FBOVESPA

Services available in API (Restful, Websocket or FIX) for order routing to BM&FBOVESPA through the main brokerage houses of the Brazilian market.

Matching Engine

Matching Engine services that allow you to execute trading on fictitious or real instruments. FIX Protocol-based services for sending orders and real-time data diffusion through FIX Protocol 4.4.

Negotiation and Routing for international markets

Services available in FIX Protocol 4.4 for international connection with other markets.

Post-trade BM&FBOVESPA

Services available in FIX Protocol or Restful for post trading services in several brokerages. Order services, daily position, custody, financial statement, checking account and others.

Tesouro Direto

Access the APIs to receive quotations data from public securities traded in Treasury Direct as well as APIs for negotiating Treasury Direct contracts. It is important to point out that this API can be accessed only by brokerages.


Services available in FIX Protocol for consultation of risk information of clients in operations on BM & FBOVESPA and other investment products that are integrated.


Services available in API for registration of exchange contracts (through some authorized financial institution) at the Central Bank via SPB messaging.

Private Pension Plans

Services available in API for private pension distribution. Insurers and institutions can make their APIs available on the Anywhere platform so that fintechs, brokers and other participants can use these APIs in their proprietary solutions.


Services available in API for hiring insurance. Insurers can make their APIs available on the Anywhere platform and participants plugged into the platform can consume them.

Proprietary Financial Services

The Anywhere platform allows any participant to integrate its proprietary API to be consumed according to rules established between the parties.

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